Anticipation of a good thing

We have some special news to share . . .


That’s right, we’re excited to (finally) share that we are currently in the process of adoption! We’re looking forward to what is in store for our future and the life of the precious baby that will be a part of our family.

We realize that many of you reading this may be totally surprised by our announcement, and some of you have been praying for us, whether you know our history or not. Regardless, we are so happy you are a part of our life and are joining us in this process. We have started this blog first as a way to share our story – with the details we want to present – and keep our family and friends updated on our journey. The secondary reason, but likely more important, is to be a place of support and encouragement for others who may be searching for someone to walk alongside them in a similar situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read our news! Please look around our site and be on the lookout for future posts!

Much love,


Photo credit: Carly McIntosh Photography




2 thoughts on “Anticipation of a good thing

  1. Jennifer and Monroe Roark says:

    We are so thrilled and excited for the two of you and your families. We will be praying for your journey and the comfort and joy and direction that only the Lord can provide. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His loving arms. You two are very special to us and we know that you will make wonderful parents.

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