Adoption FAQs


What type of adoption are you pursuing?

We are in the process of a newborn domestic adoption meaning we will either be matched with a birth mother who is currently pregnant or get matched with a child who has already been born and the birth mother decided to place him/her while in the hospital.  This is coined a “stork drop” in the adoption world. 

Are you working with an agency?

Since this is our first experience with adoption, and we don’t “know the ropes,” we have chosen to work with a company called Christian Adoption Consultants.  An adoption consultant doesn’t work for an adoption agency, but is a professional that’s “in our corner” watching for red flags, assisting us with paperwork, questions, and helping us navigate the road ahead.  We began working with our consultant, Susan, in June 2016.  What a help she has been! 

If you are curious about Christian Adoption Consultants, or what Susan does in particular, we encourage you to visit their website or Susan’s blog.

What is a home study?

A home study is a process required by law to go through any adoption.  It is conducted by a licensed social worker and involves A LOT of paperwork – FBI background checks, medical records, fingerprints, references, and lots of writing about your childhood, life experiences, personality, marriage, parenting styles, etc.  Once our paperwork was submitted, our social worker visited our home on two separate occasions and interviewed both both of us, as a couple and individually.  These visits weren’t as scary as we imagined.  If you are in Louisiana and looking for a social worker to conduct a home study for you, we would happily recommend ours.

Do you know if your baby will be a boy or a girl?

The simple answer to this question is no.  When we are matched with a birth family, if the mother knows the gender of the baby, so will we.  However, we are open to either gender. 

How long will this take?

To be honest, we have no idea.  Our home study was complete on September 13, 2016, and families working with Christian Adoption Consultants wait an average of 6-10 months to be matched which is significantly less than if we were working with a single agency.  We can only trust that God knows whether or not our baby has even been conceived, and so we trust that He will support and guide us no matter how long this journey may take.

But isn’t adoption expensive?

Unfortunately, yes, adoption is quite expensive.  Just to give you an idea of the scariness of the cost, our adoption budget is between $35,000 and $40,000.  Unlike buying a house or a car, a vast majority of the money has to paid upon placement rather than spread out over time.  We hope that we can fund our adoption without the need for loans or credit card debt.  If you would like to help us achieve this goal, you can find out ways to support us here.

How can I stay updated on your progress?

Look over on the top right of the screen where it says “Follow our Blog!” Just enter you email address to sign up and subscribe.  Every time we put up a new post, you will receive an email letting you know!